Find the most economical place to live or rent in your city

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Key Features

Easy to use with practical and clear reports. (NB: Time and costs are indicative only.)

Primary Purpose

The primary purpose of the app is to show which is the best location for the user to live when looking for places to buy or rent in your city.

Add Frequented Places

Such destinations may include: Workplaces, Schools, Childcare Centres, Friends or Relatives, Shops etc.

Enter Multiple Proposed Residences

Enter addresses you are considering to live (with option to include weekly costs)

Travel Costs

Compare the total travel costs on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

Save Lots of Time... Lots!

Shows travel time saved for each proposed location on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

Carbon Footprint

Receive a realistic figure of how many tons of CO2 released compared with each location.

Compare Time, Cost & Carbon Emissions

Ever wondered what the impact on your time would be if you moved to a different location? We've benchmarked travel time, estimated actual cost & the carbon footprint associated with each location you are considering.

  • Reliable Australian-based data used in reports
  • Check estimated travel costs per week
  • Find out travel time based on real-time servers
  • Carbon Emmissions measured in Tons


A few of our key screens...

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